What is Chiropractic?

The word "chiropractic" means "done by hand." Chiropractic doctors use adjustments to restore joint function & support the nervous system. This helps maintain optimal health while avoiding unnecessary drugs or surgery.


The nervous system is the master control center to the body, regulating every organ, gland, tissue & cell.  The spinal cord extends from the brain down the spine, branching off as nerves through each spinal segment. The spine houses the spinal cord, acting as the "breaker box" of the body.  As long as the nervous system is able to communicate with the body efficiently, you have perfect health. If a switch in the breaker box is off, the other end of the wire won't work. Similarly, if part of the spine isn't moving properly, there is interference with that part of the nervous system like a flipped breaker box switch, and the tissue it regulates will be impaired, causing pain or other abnormal symptoms. A spinal misalignment or "flipped switch" is called a subluxation. Our job as chiropractors is to detect and remove that subluxation to restore optimal function of the nervous system, allowing the body to function the way it was designed.